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How Do Thermally Broken Windows Help Control Condensation

Advantages of Windows with Thermal Breaks Over Double Glazing Window


Windows are an integral part of your house design.


They matter not only aesthetically but also play a crucial role in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and ensuring energy efficiency.


Whether it is chilly outside or unbearably hot, the function of windows is to shield you from outside elements. The material used and the technology deployed are of utmost importance when it comes to windows.


Thermally broken windows are your best option for selecting the right kind of windows for your Australian home or Australian commercial property.


If you are thinking of investing in aluminum windows, thermally broken windows are your best bet. They offer many advantages over standard aluminum windows with double glazing.


The most remarkable advantage of these types of windows is they help control condensation to a great extent.


 Given the weather conditions, condensation can form on all surfaces but its effects are more visible on windows. Those little water droplets you see on your windows every morning can be annoying. But that’s not the only surface where condensation is taking place. It can penetrate your fabrics, carpets, and other absorbent surfaces making the room feel damp and cold. Thermally broken windows can fix this problem.


Hello there! If you are looking at investing in thermal broken windows but aren’t sure yet, we are here to help. In this post, we will address all your queries regarding the advantages and features of windows with a thermal break.


Are thermally broken windows expensive? How exactly does the thermal break technology work to keep my room warm in winter? Are they effective in reducing condensation? What advantages do they have over double-glazing windows? These are some of the typical questions that pop up in your mind. In this post, we shall answer all these questions and explain in detail how the thermal break technology works to keep your interiors warm in winter and cool in summer.


If you are looking for energy-efficient window door solutions for your home or commercial establishment, we are here to help! We manufacture, design, and install all kinds of windows and doors with thermal break technology. Our solutions are custom-made as we consider your unique needs, aspirations, energy efficiency requirements, and design preferences.


Our product lineup is eclectic and varied. We offer signature thermal break windows that combine quality and precision with personalization.



Thermally broken aluminium windows come in a plethora of inward and outward opening styles :


  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Tilt Only
  • Casement
  • Pivot
  • Sliding Fixed Windows

Why go for a thermal break window?

Most people prefer aluminum for getting their window frames or door series designed.


That’s because aluminum creates a super contemporary and sleek look for buildings.


Windows made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum require minimal maintenance and have a long shelf-life.


Aluminum, however, also happens to be a strong conductor of heat. It enables quick transfer of both cold and hot temperatures. This makes uninsulated aluminum ineffective in keeping your room warm in the winter as the effects of your central heating get lost fast. Thus, standard aluminium windows won’t be very effective in keeping your interiors insulated and minimizing condensation.


The double glazing technique is also used to solve this problem of heat transfer. A window with double glazing would have two glass panes. Its main component would be the sealed unit that is double-glazed. This unit is seated in a frame of timber, aluminum, or uPVC and it's also known as an insulated glass unit.


But double-glazing doesn’t solve the whole problem. Its performance gets compromised due to heat transfer through conduction from the window frame. That’s why aluminum windows with thermal breaks are the ideal solution. They utilize the same technique as used in double glazing to separate the outside and inside surfaces of the window frame with a layer of some other material that’s a poor conductor of heat.

How Thermally Broken Windows Reduce Condensation

Thermally broken aluminium windows are specially designed to help reduce the incidence of condensation on windows and doors.


These windows can play an effective role in preventing condensation. Condensation occurs when the temperature of your room differs from that of the interior surface of the room windows. Condensation can lead to excessive build-up of moisture and thus can be a potential hazard to the upkeep of floors, furnishings, and walls.


Thermally broken aluminium windows ensure that your windows and doors do not cause condensation. They accomplish this by effectively reducing the difference in temperature between the outdoor and indoor glass surfaces.


You must understand that thermally broken windows can effectively reduce condensation but not eliminate it entirely.


Another effective glazing option to reduce condensation is the low emissivity or the low E glass.



Other Advantages of a Thermal Break Lite Window

Let’s check out the main advantages of a lite window with thermal breaks:


  1. Ultimate Insulation & Warmth


A thermally broken window offers extraordinary levels of insulation.


Windows without thermal breaks can render even double-glazing and triple-glazing futile as a huge amount of heat gets lost through the frames. But, in thermally broken widows, the thermal barrier becomes an effective shield against the temperature fluctuations outside.


The optimal insulation creates a comfortable work environment that boosts efficiency and productivity.


By opting for our signature thermal break windows, you can ensure commendable levels of insulation for your home or commercial establishment.


  1. Optimal Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is the key to sustainable development.


Windows with thermal breaks drastically reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems. The thermal barrier functions as a buffer between the exterior and interior parts of the window frame, thus minimizing heat transfer. It ensures that your energy consumption goes drastically down with the use of this innovative technology.


Windows with thermal breaks are those rare products that combine utility with innovation. Our customized signature thermal break windows cater to all kinds of energy efficiency requirements.


It’s not uncommon to lose up to 50 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a building via the windows. Our thermally broken windows manufactured using cutting-edge technology will ensure superior thermal efficiency.

Wrapping Up

Investing in energy-efficient thermally broken windows is a decision of a lifetime.


Whether you are looking to get new windows installed or window replacement, they ensure optimal insulation of your home space or commercial establishment unit, drastically reducing energy expenditure and increasing productivity.


You must thoroughly research all the options available in your local area before finalizing where to buy thermally broken windows. They offer optimal insulation, noise control, ultra energy efficiency, and condensation control.


We specialize in providing top-notch quality thermally broken windows with the added advantages of enhanced security, legal compliance, limitless customizable design options, and plenty of color options.


We also have the required expertise to address all your queries.


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